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Back on Track® Lumbar Pillow is a perfect accessory to reduce muscle fatigue, tightness, & restless legs.


The Back on Track® Human Lumbar Pillow is a perfect accessory when you are seated to offer comfort, to reduce the chance of muscle fatigue, back tightness, and restless legs. Developed to keep good alignment of the spine and provide support to the natural curve of the wearer’s back, thereby contributing to a healthy posture and encouraging blood circulation by promoting a better seating position.  


The Lumbar Pillow has an anatomical fit, is made of high density foam, incorporates the Iontex® technology (FAR Infrared therapy, moisture control, wicking properties and anti-bacterial regulation), a removable cover (washable) and adjustable straps (to allow an easy fit to a chair) .

Lumbar Pillow

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